This will NOT be comfortable...


We make fear FUN!

You only have one life. Will you choose to sit around and let it pass you by? Or will you choose to take action and live a rich, eventful and fearless life? Are you the chicken or the lion? The choice is yours. Welcome to The Growth Zone!

The Growth Zone provides one on one and group mentoring in a unique environment where clients accept personalised challenges to embrace the unfamiliar and stare fear in the face.

Are you ready for a challenge?

How fun and exciting is your life right now? Is life pretty much the same all over again? Sadly, this is true for so many people out there. But gladly, we got out of it.


The Growth Zone was born out of an unusual experiment...


What would happen if you actually did all those things that you are curious about, but that at the same time scares you and holds you back?


By doing one extremely uncomfortable thing for 100 days we broke the life of the boring. And we'll show you how…

100 Day Comfort Zone Challenge

It begins...


Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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