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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 2: Ask to sit in a stranger's lap

Rejection #2 Ask to sit in a stranger's lap

Dear reader,

Ed here. The nerves I am feeling right now may as well be the same as when I proposed to a stranger. I do NOT want to do this at all. There is no good reason for approaching a stranger and asking if I can sit in their lap. None. I can't 'sales' my way out of this one. So I'm just going to have to be straight up, and ask the question. Minimal conversation. I just can't justify this.

I walk up to the first person, a male and simply ask if I can sit in his lap. He stands up and says no, and walks away. Understandable reaction. I then walk into a fast food restaurant and ask a girl if I can sit in her lap. She is confused, says no and then busts me recording the clip. I get out of there, quickly. I then ask another girl who acts really casual like yeah ok, if you have to. But I don't think she actually understood my question so I have to have a bit of a chat. This is getting really awkward. After some seconds pass, wires being crossed, and my dignity being non-existent, it's a no. Off I go with my tail between my legs.

What did I learn?

People do not want you to sit in their lap. It's weird. I thought I may have some luck with a female. I believe there is such a thing called 'personal space' that could have something to do with being rejected.

No but seriously, I get why people are so protective and it's perfectly understandable and acceptable to receive a no in this situation. I definitely would have said no to this kind of request. Would you really trust a stranger who asks to sit in your lap to not have a few screws loose? Neither would I. And I AM that stranger.

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