• Hayley Ablott

Day 10: Ask to borrow a stranger's vehicle

Rejection #10 Edward asks a stranger if he can borrow their vehicle

Dear reader,

It's dark and I'm about to ask three strangers if I can borrow their vehicle. I'm nervous about this, it's a challenging one for me because I know people are really protective of their stuff. Particularly their vehicles. They may also think I'm trying to carjack them so there is an element of risk involved here but it must be done so off I go.

What did I learn?

People are super protective of their property. Particularly their vehicles. I don't blame them though. I mean, we've all seen so many films where hitchhikers are murdered, cars are stolen etc. I suppose the defensive response is understandable but I mean you don't have to be so mean about it! This one was very unnerving as I had some very negative responses.

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