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Day 10: Ask to wear a classmate's top in class

Rejection #10 Hayley asks to wear a classmate's top in class

Dear reader,

I do circus training once a week so you can expect there to be a lot of active wear happening. I feel a little unsure about this. I'm more nervous than I should be. But why? You would think asking someone you know would be much easier, but tell that to the person who is just about to suggest her classmate strip down to her bra just because. I admittedly did try to run this scenario in my head a few times before executing, but nothing I came up with seemed sufficient. But I was running out of time.

I saw the perfect opportunity when I noticed a classmate had strapped her ribs and had an ice pack stuffed down her crop top. It was a humid evening and I could really use something cool on my body. So I asked her if I could wear it. She thought I meant the ice pack and she throws it to me. I say no, I mean the ice pack AND the top. She laughs it off (common reaction by now) and doesn't know whether or not I'm being serious. I confirm it's a no, and say 'Well, I tried!'. Rejected.

What did I learn?

Laughter is a very common response to an awkward or strange question, even if it's someone you already know. Because how much do you really know that person?

I also learned, based on the thoughts running through my mind, that for me personally, social anxiety becomes more apparent when I am around people I know. At least when I know I am about to say something weird, or stupid.

Clearly we care about what others think about us, yes. But those we see regularly definitely hold more sway over us. Because we want to impress, not disappoint.

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