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Day 11: Ask to instruct boxing class

Rejection #11 Hayley asks gym trainer to instruct the boxing class

Dear reader,

I like to train. So it seemed like a good idea to seek out rejection at the other gym I attend. On my list was to ask one of the trainer's if I could teach a class. Of course Edward wanted to challenge this further by instructing me to specifically ask to teach the Muay Thai Kickboxing class Edward and I attend every Tuesday.

I should mention I am quite the novice. Taking classes once a week for a year doesn't exactly classify as training at the professional level. I'm more nervous about this than most of the others. I am well respected in my gym, so this is definitely outside my comfort zone. I see an opportunity and approach the trainer.

What do you think happens next? He laughed, you say? You'd be right. A big fat laugh in my face. Followed by confusion, followed by more laughter. He can't figure out if I'm being serious. He suggests a compromise; how about I crack the whip during warm up? He had me at whip.

What did I learn?

Although this challenge probably doesn't seem too significant to you, there were some interesting thoughts at play here. I know my trainer respects my training ethic, and me as a person. I know I am valued and the feeling is mutual. So this was an interesting one because it challenged his perception of me, and that is what I cared about the most. Would I lose credibility for this?

With a stranger, you ultimately have nothing to lose. They don't know you or your intentions and you will likely never see that person again. But when it's someone you know, you are more invested in them, and they are more invested in you. The greater the investment, the more painful the rejection. Did he laugh in my face because he thought I wasn't capable? Just just think how many times you've asked yourself similar questions when being rejected by someone you know.

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