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Day 12: Ask to be a live mannequin

Rejection #12: Hayley and Ed ask to be a live mannequin

Dear reader,

How many times have you walked past a fashion retailer and thought the mannequin in the window didn't reflect realistic proportions of your average fellow man/woman and thought you could do a better job than any plastic unrealistically-proportioned torso ever could? Never? That sounds about right because the store assistants had never thought about this either when I offered my services.

What did I learn from this?

Everyone sees the world differently. The first assistant said no, because it might scare customers. But after speaking a little more about the idea, she took me to the other assistants who actually considered it with more thought. Who knows, I may have even changed the face of how we shop in future by simply planting this seed. Or not. The point is, it all starts with an idea.

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