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Day 8: Challenge my Director to an arm wrestle

Rejection #12 Hayley challenges her Director to an arm wrestle

Dear reader,

As you might imagine, the Director is a very busy man. I have been waiting all day to make contact and time is running out. I must appear to be acting so suspicious, standing up every couple of minutes, looking over my shoulder, peering across the office to see if he is in his office alone.

Finally I catch a break. He looks to be leaving so I walk down the stairs and predict which way he will go. Luckily, my prediction is right. I'm really nervous about this. I'm about to ask the BIG boss for an arm wrestle. Am I about to say goodbye to any chances at higher duties or promotions? I figure it's worth the risk.

I catch him on his way out and open with a leading conversation about training. So far so good. I explain how I want to measure how strong I am and the only idea I can come up with is to arm wrestle the biggest guy at work. Him.

He inadvertently says yes but is worried I will win (I believe he is humouring me). So he tells me to schedule time with his assistant and we will start with a weights session in the work gym.

What did I learn?

This particular challenge involved an element of risk. I was risking my dignity and professionalism but it wasn't a huge risk. I knew the Director and I shared a common interest in training, and we hard very similar training ethic. So it was worth a shot. Even knowing this, I sincerely thought he would awkwardly decline. But instead, my day ended with his assistant booking me in for a lunch training session.

What a great way to build rapport with someone of influence. Oftentimes we hold ourselves back because we have already made the assumption that taking action will not result in achieving what we want. How trapped are we by these assumptions without even realising it?

Our preconceived ideas are not challenged enough. These ideas become a habitual way of thinking. It isn't until we step outside our comfort zone and stretch ourselves that we are able to challenge these ideas and often the result will surprise us.

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