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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 13: Ask a stranger to sing me happy birthday

Rejection Challenge 13 - Ask a stranger to sing me happy birthday

Dear reader,

I am on my way to training and I have a bit of time to kill so I decide it might be nice to have someone sing to me. But how can I justify such a request? I know. I’ll tell them it’s my birthday. Surely they won’t say no to that?

The opportunity presents itself when a guy walks out of an office and over to his car. Before he even has time to chew the rest of his food, I walk over to him and tell him it’s my birthday and could he sing to me?

He has no idea what’s happening. I think he just wanted to finish his mouthful of food in peace and here comes this weird girl asking an even weirder question. He doesn’t say no though. He requests a compromise and asks if he can just say happy birthday. I agree (he is clearly self-conscious) and thank him and walk off with a smile.

What did I learn?

It would definitely be challenging saying no to someone who has just told you it’s their birthday. Do we feel like we owe it to them to oblige because it’s their special day? Why do we do this? I personally would have agreed to this as well. Because how can you say no to someone when it’s their birthday? The trouble is though, it wasn’t mine.

I struggled with knowing I had blatantly lied and it makes me think how many times people use this excuse to get what they want. Be it a discount, a free drink etc. The guy was really nice, so while I walked away with a smile on my face, I did feel rather bad that I had lied to get what I wanted. Time to take a shower and wash the dirt off me!

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