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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 13: Ask to take over someone's shift

Rejection 13 Ask to take over someone's shift

Dear reader,

You're having one of those days where you can't seem to muster the energy to focus and be productive. You may as well just stop what you're doing, go home and try again tomorrow. You jokingly say to your colleagues 'can you do my work for me?' Wouldn't that be amazing? This is the inspiration for tonight's challenge.

I am about to walk into Coles and ask some of the shift workers if I can take over their shift. I'm sure they would much prefer to go home and rest. I approach a security guard and try to empathise with him, saying he looks tired and I'm sure he could use a long break. So I offer to take over his shift so he can take the night off. He doesn't really understand why I am asking this. He asks if I have a licence (you apparently need one of these to work security). This is something I hadn't considered. He says I can't take over his shift and becomes suspicious so I leave it at that and go on to do my groceries.

What did I learn?

Dodgy actions can lead to unexpected outcomes. When I got to the checkout after doing my groceries, I was the only one they wanted to check for stolen items. Here I was thinking I was offering a really thoughtful and considerate service.

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