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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 15: Ask if I can read a book to everyone entering the library

Dear reader,

If you've listened to our Podcast, you'll know by now that I love love loveeee to read. No, not children's books. Real adulty stuff. Like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. You can't adult more than a big fat swear word in the title like that.

Because I am obsessed with personal development books, I thought it's high time I try to force my obsession onto innocent library goers. Ok, no not really, but I did think it would be a brilliant idea to stand in the entrance and read a passage out of an inspirational book. Who knows what lives I might change today?

So I walk into the library and pick up a book by Naomi Simson - entrepreneur and founder of Red Balloon, or you may now only recognise her as a Shark on Shark Tank.

I ask the assistant if she has considered the idea and she directs me to the Supervisor. I propose my wonderfully brilliant idea once again. I thought it was going to be a no, but the idea is considered and she takes my details. Apparently she'll contact me, but I am not holding my breath. I walk out smiling. That was fun.

What did I learn?

Some ideas might seem ridiculous but if you pitch them well they may just hold sway. I really just wanted to read out loud so everyone could hear the sound of my voice grace their ears as they enter the library.

I wasn't entirely serious about it but after walking out I thought to myself, hey, on the offchance they do call me, I will 100% go ahead and do this. I realised this was an opportunity to really put myself out there.

Although the library was my local and very small, there still might be a chance of having even minimal impact on someone entering, but an impact nonetheless. If I could just inspire one person, be it through the content I'm reading or the very fact I'm standing there all vulnerable reading out loud right in the entrance, I would walk out of there feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Have a think about something you have been too afraid to ask, or put out into the world because you think it's a stupid idea. Sure, it might actually be a stupid idea, but I bet there's someone out there ready to support it. So go for it!

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