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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 16: Ask my pregnant friend if I can deliver her baby

Dear reader,

There is something in the air at the moment. I know at least five people who are pregnant, including two of my close friends. So what says close friendship more than the act of delivering your friend's baby? Can you get any closer in sisterhood than that? Doubtful. I am still undecided whether the idea is the most awesome idea I've ever had, or a really stupid, terrifying one. Regardless, I'm about to find out.

It's a beautifully mild weekday morning and I have scheduled a catch up breakfast with my friend and her bulging belly. I thought it might be a change of pace to see how rejection feels in the morning.

So here I am, sitting outside at a lovely little cafe in Surry Hills with my dear friend. Unbeknownst to her, I'm about to nominate myself for the 'best friend of the year award'. Naturally, there's a lot of baby talk happening and out it comes. 'I know, why don't I deliver your baby? How good would that be?!'

She laughs. We laugh a lot. We find humour in silly things. But I thought this idea was gold. Her, not so much. Another laugh it off moment. Perhaps I should go into comedy. Clearly I am very funny.

What did I learn?

Although I make it sound like this may have been quite simple, it wasn't as easy as it seems. I had spent a good 30 minutes that morning 'mentally preparing'. Remember what I said about this. It's a killer. I almost talked myself out of it.

As Ed and I discuss his approach, it's time to look at mine. I'm getting a lot of laughter in response to my questions. Am I too jovial in my approach? Not taking it seriously enough? Can people sense my lightheartedness? It appears that way. Rejection can be a funny (literally) thing.

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