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Day 3: Try to buy a single egg

Rejection #3 Hayley asks to buy a single egg

Dear reader,

It may sound ridiculous but I have actually wondered if it is possible to buy a single egg. Perhaps it is in a small grocer or at a farmer's market but from a major supermarket? I'm not so sure. So I'm about to find out. I've recently decided to go vegan, so I am hoping for the rejection.

This time I am in Coles. I look into a carton and find a bunch of broken eggs, so grab one of the unbroken ones and place it in my basket. I already feel quite stupid.

I start taking out each item and placing them on the counter and hold the egg in my hand until the other items have been processed. Then I ask if I can buy this single egg. I figure my argument is valid; it was from a carton of broken eggs! It won't be able to be sold anyway so why not? No. That's why. Not ever.

What did I learn?

I felt stupid but it was over quickly and within a few seconds of being outside, it was almost as though it had never happened. This is a good thing!

Also, on a more serious note, purchasing from supermarket giants is not flexible. This forces me to think about wastage. I've done a little research with conflicting reports regarding what happens to the carton of eggs if any are cracked.

Some mention rearranging the carton with other unbroken eggs. Some report removing the cracked eggs from the carton and offering a reduced price. But some report throwing away the entire carton. There has to be a better way.

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