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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 9: Ask to live in a house while it's up for sale

Rejection #9 Ask to live in a house while it is up for sale

Dear reader,

Ed here. There is a sign for an open house. We know it’s going to be insanely expensive because it’s a waterfront property by a marina. We walk in and take a look around and I ask them how much it’s selling for. Millions. Of course.

I can’t afford that but perhaps I can just live there until they find a buyer. So I ask the real estate agent if I can do this. He tells me they already have the property leased. But I ask him again. He says no.

What did I learn?

I feel like I should have pushed harder with the real estate agent. He did have to say it was already leased quite a few times but I know I could have done more. I should have asked him to make the current tenant move out so I could move in.

It’s not too difficult to get a no but to argue a point you don’t even believe in to try to get a yes is a lot different. I was also uncomfortable with the fact the second I stepped inside he wanted my contact details. Maybe I played it safe knowing this.

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