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Day 4: Ask to wear a stranger's shoes

Rejection #4 Hayley asks to wear a stranger's shoes

Dear reader,

Today is Mardi Gras and the city is full of festivity! Edward and I discuss how today might not be the greatest day to seek rejection. Everyone we pass seems to be in a great mood. So it is agreed that the person I approach will not be in flamboyant attire, just to be sure.

Back down the side streets, away from the chaos that is Oxford Street, Edward spots a female ahead. She is walking towards us. We are about to enter a narrow lane way so Edward stops and I continue.

She is looking down at her phone so I step to the right directly into her path so she has to look up. I say hello on approach and tell her I love her shoes. She thanks me. I tell her I love them so much that I would like to try one on.

She says... YES! Seriously? I am still working out what just happened as I find myself walking back and forth, literally in HER shoe. I thank her for allowing me to wear her shoe. She wishes she could remember where she got them from so she could help out. What an absolute legend.

What did I learn?

Even though we actively sought out someone who may not be a part of the parade (everyone was dressed up at this point), it is interesting to consider whether she was caught up in the elevation and atmosphere of everyone else and their attitudes that afternoon, OR if she is just a genuinely awesome and accepting person.

Perhaps a little of both. I will never know. I felt a bit of a female bond happening here. Like, help a sister out. And this sister did.

So think about this.

You create opportunities simply by just asking the question. Imagine what you may have missed because you were just too scared or reluctant to even ask. So next time you hesitate just think, a girl in the street was willing to say yes to a complete stranger wearing her shoe.

If you keep asking whatever your question may be, one day you may just find that girl on the street. You will find that opportunity. Simply because you asked.

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