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Day 5: Ask for a ride in a supermarket trolley

Rejection #5 Ask a stranger in a supermarket if they can push me around in a trolley

Dear reader,

Remember when you were young and you went to the supermarket with your folks and all you wanted to do was sit in the trolley and be pushed around? What a memory! But now I'm an adult and can't possibly do that. Right? Well, I'll see about that!

It's a busy afternoon in the supermarket and I am off to training so can't spend too much time here. But I really want to take a trip down memory lane and have someone push me around in a trolley. I walk up to a staff member who is packing shelves and the first thing I ask is for a tour of the supermarket.

Then I drop the bomb 'but with me in the trolley and you pushing me around'. This guy has NO idea how to react to this. I have to confirm my request. He is struggling to comprehend (understandable). He says no, he can't do that. I'm disappointed but it was worth a shot. No nostalgia for me today. But I won't forget about this one. I am going to succeed one day. I will make this happen!

What did I learn?

This is one of the most bizarre questions I have asked in this challenge. It took me a while to figure out how to approach it. How do I justify asking for a ride in a trolley? It's similar to the asking a stranger to hold my hand while I cross the street challenge. So I asked for a tour first and figure if they say yes to that, they might say yes to the add on of pushing me around the trolley.

But unfortunately not. This challenge was one of the harder ones due to the nature of the question. Even the question is stupid, and foolish. Therefore I will likely appear that way. But I keep reminding myself that is the point of this exercise. To be able to be vulnerable enough to allow yourself to feel embarrassed but not letting it dictate. Ie, you allow it to be fleeting and then move on. I was nervous beforehand, but I walked out of the store feeling completely ok. It's really not as bad as you think.

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