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Day 5: Ask people to give me their stuff

Rejection #5 Edward asks people after the Minimalists event if he can have their stuff

Dear reader,

It's always fun to be 'on location' because it stretches me to come up with a challenge relevant to what it is we are doing. Hayley and I are at the Minimalists talk at the Enmore Theatre. If you haven't heard of them or their philosophy it's pretty self-explanatory. Less is more. We don't need a lot of stuff, it doesn't make us happier etc. Agreed.

So I figure, a lot of people here are going to leave feeling so inspired that they are going to do an epic dump of all their unwanted stuff. Oh here, let me take that flashy car off your hands. Or how about your old (like 6 months old, old) phone that you've replaced with the brand new model? You heard the men! You won't be needing that anymore.

We walk outside and wait for patrons to leave the venue. I walk up to an older couple and start the conversation. Really smooth lead in. You know, ask them how it was, what they thought of it, if I can have their unwanted stuff. No I can't. So I try again. Also no.

Finally, I try a third time and honestly I didn't even get to ask the question because this guy was really cool and wanted to have a genuine chat with Hayley and I. 15 minutes later we have his number, he has mine and hey, new friend!

What did I learn?

I learned a lot, about Minimalism. And although the three people I asked probably isn't a large enough sample, I would say a lot of people who attended may already be minimalists. No one wanted to give me their stuff.

This challenge had my creative juices flowing because I wanted to make it relevant to what I was doing. So that meant I had to think harder, and be more creative. I like that these rejections have helped me with this more abstract way of thinking.

Also, before the challenge began, I doubt I would have walked up to a patron and started a conversation about the event. The more I think about it, the more that doesn't make much sense because I am so enthusiastic about meeting new people but then don't really consider opportunities other than Meetup groups. But of course there would be like-minded people here.

This challenge resulted in making a new connection after a good conversation with a guy I initially approached as part of the challenge. That's really cool.

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