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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 6: Ask for free food from a restaurant

Rejection #6 Edward asks for free food from a Restaurant

Dear reader,

I'm only one week in to the rejection challenge and seeking rejection is already feeling quite easy. I didn't expect to be desensitised so quickly. Usually I would be dreading this next challenge. To ask for free food. How dare I?! But honestly, I'm not nervous at all. So to mix it up, I'm about to ask four different restaurants. It's late, so I have more of a chance that someone will say yes. But the first three say no.

One of them was particularly interesting and potentially the best rejection I've had. The manager asks why I thought I could get free food. He doesn't seem too happy about the request. I thought I had a valid reason. It's late and you might be about to throw away whatever leftovers you have. Reasonable, or so I thought. He repeats this a few times, and I end the conversation and walk out. The rejections have played out as expected. No, No, No.

What happens at the last place blows my mind. I walk into Grill'd and ask if they have any free fries because I love them. The legend behind the counter actually says yes, he can spare some small fries for me. I'll have to wait a few minutes, but it can be done. I am absolutely blown away by his generosity. I sincerely thank the guys working behind the counter and walk out with a huge smile on my face. Definitely an unexpected acceptance!

What did I learn?

I certainly didn't expect any handouts with this particular challenge. People have businesses to run and they rely on paying customers to keep them afloat. A fair system.

I also wanted to ask the same question in a variety of restaurants because desensitising yourself is also about consistency. Don't just seek rejection once. Seek it over and over again. As I learned today, the results may surprise you if you just keep seeking.

Don't settle for being rejected once, and then claim to be fine with rejection. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Look at this particular outcome of asking the same question over and again. Someone actually said yes!

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