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Day 6: Try to post dinner to a friend

Rejection #6 Hayley tries to post dinner to a friend

Dear reader,

I've just cooked a lovely vegan bolognese and Edward is all too often telling me he doesn't know what vegan meal he can make so I decide to head down to the post office and post him some of my dinner. Well, I'm going to try anyway. This is a bogus request but I'm looking forward to finding out if people actually do this.

I walk in with my container of pasta and ask to post it. He says yes. That's right, you heard me. Y E S. Excuse me, what? People do this? Are you serious? $9 I walk out without my dinner as it's now in the big red box awaiting to be collected. The journey of the bolognese. I post it on Thursday and it arrives at Ed's on Monday. I need to warn him to call 000 if he even attempts to eat it.

What did I learn?

That you can post dinner in the mail. I once had a friend post fried rice in an envelope but she manually put it in my letterbox so it doesn't count. But she was the inspiration for this challenge.

I also learned about a customer who has crickets delivered in the mail, for his pet snake to eat, apparently. *Shudder*. The things you learn when you decide to do something weird. That's what this challenge is all about!

I am really loving the times rejections have been accepted, because there's often a story that comes from it. And life is all about story telling. Doing something different results in an outcome that is also out of the ordinary and let's face it. We all want to be a little extraordinary. No one wants to be ordinary.

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