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Day 7: Ask to move in with a stranger

Rejection #7 Hayley & Ed ask to move in with a stranger

Dear reader,

We realise there are quite a few rejections on both our lists and decided we would, where possible, do the same ones on the same day. Asking to live with a stranger seemed like a good choice for a 'joint' rejection. Joint really just means Edward went first, then I did, then Edward went again. Remember, Edward doesn't know when to stop. And this particular rejection was quite the reminder of that!

We see people sitting at a bus stop on the other side of the street. The perfect opportunity to be cornered by Edward. I sit and film while Edward crosses the street. Edward approaches a man and woman, I think they are married. He tells them he has to move out and wants to live with them. I hear the man's voice over the traffic. No no no. So he tries again.

Those people about to cross the street seem like they would want a friendly fellow like Edward to live with them. But they don't live here. They say no. Not satisfied with two rejection's in a row, he searches for more. He approaches a group of females. Sorry, but no. While he thinks about his next target, it's time for me to have a crack.

A woman just gets out of a taxi with fresh hair and a beautiful jumpsuit. 'Excuse me' I say. 'Do you think I could live with you?' No explanation. It's no wonder she says no, laughs nervously and gives me that look of 'this bitch be crazy!' This all happened a little too quickly but it was a big powerful no.

I try again. Maybe the nice gentleman by the bus stop (poor guy) will allow me to live in his humble abode. I walk up to him, he has earphones in. I scare him a little (I haven't even said anything yet). He takes out his earphones, I ask if he lives here and he says yes. Perfect! Can I live with you? 'No, sorry'. I ask why not. He lives with his parents. I wonder what his excuse would have been if he didn't? 2/2. I'm done.

But Edward isn't. Just one more. He spots a guy eating his lunch, walking briskly up the street. Edward stops him in his tracks and ask straight out if he can live with him. 'Nah mate'. He picks up his pace and seems to be on his way to meet with his buddies. Edward crosses the road with his final no. I meet him on the other side.

But the story doesn't end here. It seems Mr Sandwich has become curious. So much so that he has now gathered with his buddies and watch us walk down the street. We get to the corner turn down the street. I turn my head to see he is following us. He hides behind a pole. Then he signals to his buddies. We make it back home and within moments they are outside, trying to decide which house we entered. Then they walk away. What.the.hell.just.happened?

What did we learn?

Hayley here. I learned that people can be very judgmental but in this situation, I would have to say 'and rightly so'. As a female having read a brilliant book called 'The Gift of Fear' by Gavin De Becker (highly recommend), we are encouraged to say no without explanation, particularly when we have someone approach us with an odd or suspicious request.

I think a random (male or female) asking to move in with you would be high up on the red flag list. It is in the name of self-preservation that we must follow our intuition and reject such requests. So the reaction here, particularly from the women, was predictable.

The reaction from Mr Sandwich and pals, however, was not at all predictable. The lesson here? Rejection doesn't just come in the form of a 'no'. It can also be a group of guys, following you down the street. Tread carefully!

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