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  • Hayley Ablott

Day 8: Try to buy a business on the spot

Rejection #8 Try to buy a business on the spot

Dear reader,

I'm sure there are many of you out there that want to be business owners. But have you ever thought about just walking right into a business and asking if you can buy it? Probably not. I don't think that's the way things work. But I'm going to give it a go anyway. I've always wanted to give hospitality a try and think it would be cool to own a Restaurant. I'm actually really nervous about this. But I've got my sales skills to support me.

I walk in to the Restaurant and ask if I can buy it. After some negotiation I am introduced to the owner and am taken down into the basement (no dodgy stuff, I promise). It's a no, but the experience was something I certainly wasn't expecting.

What did I learn?

What an amazing experience. To be introduced to the owner and having a genuine conversation with him was awesome. We got to talking for a good 15 minutes about business and life. Not at all what I was expecting! The owner was a really cool guy. When I left the Restaurant, I felt I was on another level in attitude and mindset.

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