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Day 9: Ask for a ride on a Police bike

Rejection #9. Hayley asks for a ride on a Police bike

Dear reader,

I'm on my way to training and the odds are in my favour today! I have just parked my car and and walking up to the venue when as if by some 'it was meant to be' chance, a police bike pulls up to take photos of a car that is illegally parked. Jackpot! I get my phone (camera) ready and walk right up to the nice officer and say hello. I ask him if I can have a ride on his bike. Let's face it. As if he is going to say yes.

Whilst he does say no, he can't do that, we do get to talking about motorbikes. I tell him I want to go for my licence and he suggests what I should get if I do get my licence. So he said no, but he was nice about it and told me I will love riding a bike. Thanks Officer!

What did I learn?

I know even the mention of Police in a conversation can spark a pretty huge debate but at the end of the day they are just like you and I. Imagine all the awful things they have to deal with on a daily basis. To be honest, I had this thought before I approached him as if to prepare myself for a potentially harsh no. But it didn't happen. He was friendly and was happy to have a chat over a mutual interest.

It made me consider how easy it is to judge others before we even give them a chance. How important it is to leave any preconceived ideas about a person behind. Just take that step in saying hi and getting to know a person before jumping to conclusions. It can make all the difference.

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